Low-Pressure Compressors

Cost-Effective Air Distribution Products for All Applications

If your industrial processes require large volume air at and lower pressure, the Ingersoll Rand Hibon low-pressure air compressor is the way to go. They can improve product efficiency and lower your energy consumption. 

It is important to understand your compressed air system's requirements in terms of  equipment compatibility. Without proper installation and maintenance practices by a trained professional, your low-pressure air compressor may function poorly and inefficiently. 

Call PowerAir on 02892628885 to consult a trained air compressor representative in Northern Ireland.

Customized Air Compressors for Best Performance and Longer Lifespan

PowerAir is the sole distributor of Ingersoll Rand Air compressors, dryers and filtration products in Northern Ireland. We work with the best low-pressure oil-free screw compressors, designed with the latest technology advances in the industry.

  • High volume
  • Low pressure .
  • They deliver high performance and are easy to use.
  • System reliability and efficiency ensures extended lifespan and lower operational costs.
  • Their oil-free feature removes any threat of oil droplets and residue compromising your compressor's air line.

Low-pressure air compressors function best when the airflow in unrestricted. A contaminated system results in a lower air supply, which leads to increased energy use. To avoid high maintenance and servicing fees, it is crucial to ensure your filters and air lines are free from dirt particles and debris. Protecting your low-pressure air compressor from contamination will significantly reduce.

For air treatment products that are well-built and affordable, make PowerAir your top choice. We have the expertise and equipment to guarantee a long-lasting, high performance system. Our highly efficient machines can reduce your energy expenses and overheads, preventing unwanted labour downtime caused by malfunctioning products.

Call PowerAir on 02892628885 for state-of-the-art air distribution products and 24/7 emergency support services. You can also fill out our online form to request more information about our highly efficient air compressors.

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