Prevent Costly System Damage with Customized Air Treatment Products

Filtration maintenance can extend the life of your compressed air system and production, line filters block out contaminants that would otherwise create problems for your tools and equipment. Without the right compressed air filtration products, your system may be susceptible to failure, which can result in high replacement costs. Air treatment products that are specific to your application will increase the efficiency of your unit and prevent unnecessary downtime.

Every air compressor filtration system is unique and depends on the user's operation and environment. Filtration levels vary from industry to industry and should be monitored regularly to avoid system failures. If you are unsure about your compressed air filtration requirements, seek the help of a professional compressed air technician.

Call PowerAir on 02892628885 to learn more about our compressed air systems and filters. 

Cost-Efficient Filter Solutions for Superior Air Compressors

PowerAir supplies an extensive selection of filtration systems for commercial and industrial compressed air systems. Clean airlines mean higher airflow low contamination and less energy usage. We can help you achieve optimal compressed air operation with our air treatment products and services, some of which are:

  • High Pressure Compressed Air Filtration
  • High Efficiency Compressed Air Filtration
  • Compressed Air Filter Elements
  • High Efficiency Oil Vapour Removal
  • Water Separators—High Efficiency Bulk Liquid Removal
  • Intermediate Pressure Filters
  • Multi-Ported Filters
  • Compressed Air Filters
  • Compressed Air Heaters

Taking the time to properly maintain your compressed air filtration system will save you time and money in the long run. A clogged filter caused by debris and other contaminates can lead to lost production through low air flow, down time and system failure.Consequently, you will be stuck with expensive repair and energy consumption bills.

You can prevent system problems by utilizing quality air treatment products, which will extend the life of your compressor and compressed air system. PowerAir's products are designed with the latest technology and are built to accommodate tough environments. For high quality air distribution products, trust PowerAir, Northern Ireland's leading air compressor supplier. 

Call PowerAir on 02892628885 for affordable air treatment products that deliver increased contamination protection and reduce costly damage. You can also fill out our online form to request more information about our customizable air compressors and air filtration systems.

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