Condensate Management

Prevent Product Contamination with Dependable Air Treatment Products

Your compressed air system produces oil and water condensate during the compression process, which if untreated before disposal can contaminate local drains and river systems leading to environmental problems. It's crucial that you have an air compressor specialist provide you with the right condensate air treatment products for your compressed air system.

Condenaste Oil/Water separators can successfully remove oil from your compressed air system to a safe level. Depending on the type and size of separator, the amount of oil in the condensate can be significantly reduced to a level that is appropriate for disposal. Condensate drains are also very effective in the removal of water, dirt, oil within the air line. These automatic drains will prevent the receiver tank from getting clogged with condensate (which may otherwise lead to a failure of your compressed air system.)

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Timely and Effective Condensate Removal with Durable Air Treatment Products

If your system lacks the appropriate air treatment products to remove the condensate, you may be faced with expensive problems. Moisture causes contaminants in your system, which can result in unwanted downtime and high maintenance cost.

  • Dirty air can compromise the quality of your product
  • Mould and rust can form in your air distribution system
  • Water can flood your system and cause equipment failure
  • Your system's air dryer can become loaded past its capacity
  • Filters can get destroyed or become clogged
  • It's key to implement a condensate management system that will work with your compressed air requirements.

If left untreated, condensate can quickly obstruct and wear down your air, production equipment and air tools. PowerAir works with a wide selection of reliable, easy-to-use and affordable air treatment products. This can help your system operate efficiently and safely. We have decades of experience in compressed air systems, oil and water separators and condensate drains, so trust us to provide you with quality products that can save you time and money. 

Call PowerAir on 02892628885 for reliable air treatment products in Northern Ireland, including Lisburn, and Belfast. You can also fill out our online form to request more information about our easy to install compressed air and condensate management systems.

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